Emergency Management

Gregg Sweeten, Director McDonald County Emergency Management and L.E.P.C. & Floodplain Administrator The McDonald County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the county wide emergency operations plan and is charged with keeping it updated. The agency operates under the authority of the McDonald County Commission and Chapter 44 of the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri. Emergency management officials prepare for, respond to, and help recover from all types of disasters whether natural or man-made. The Local Emergency Planning Committee works under The Federal Code and is made up of emergency responders, media, local businesses, and the general public. The L.E.P.C. is responsible for keeping the public informed on hazardous materials on hand at local businesses that use hazardous substances. We also keep track of what hazardous materials travel on our highways and railways. We maintain the records in our office and they are open to the public for viewing. We welcome anyone who has questions to contact us. Floodplain Administrator: The purpose of this position is to establish flood plain elevations. Floodplain Administrator receives supervision from the Commissioners. Determine flood plain status to ensure dwelling or business are not built in the A zone of the flood area. Direct correction of flood plain errors or corrections. Record all in permanent records. Keep all maps updated and on file. Determine if septic is in flood plain. Report and correct violations when necessary. Any new residence of building must be 2 feet above Base Elevation (minimum) and documented and have flood plain development permit (not causing change in A-zone). Seek and administrate grants for government, business, and non profit groups. Aid cities/business with grants, bonds, and regulations Regular office hours are: Monday through Thursday.

Contact us at: 417-223-7575   (for emergency use 911 or 417-223-4318)