County News

County Hires Public Health Director.

McDonald County Commission would like to formally welcome a familiar face with the County to a new role. Welcome Michael Hall as County newest Public Health Director. County is looking forward to the service and experience Hall has to offer. Health Department is located at the new facility 3446 S. Business Hwy 71, Pineville, Mo 64856.

Recreational marijuana use sales tax passes on the April Ballot.

McDonald County Commission let the voters decide whether the county should collect a 3% sales tax
on purchases of recreational marijuana within the county.

When voters approved Amendment 3 in November of 2022 legalizing the sale of marijuana in Missouri, they also approved a provision within that Amendment allowing governing bodies to impose a sales tax on the retail sale of adult use marijuana. However, county governments must take the extra step of holding an election before collecting the tax. The issue was held on the ballot April 4, 2023.

The sales tax would apply only to the retail sales of adult recreational use marijuana within McDonald County.

Ballot language read as: “Shall McDonald County, Missouri impose a countywide sales tax of three percent (3%) on all tangible personal property retail sales of adult use marijuana sold in McDonald County, Missouri?”

McDonald County voters passed the issue.

Official returns of the April 2023 election, for McDonald County are as follows:

County Sales Tax on Adult Use Marijuana:

YES – 714

NO – 300