County Clerk

Kimberly Bell
County Clerk

Elizabeth Baker
Chief Elections

Jessica Cole
Human Resource

Michaella Thacker
Tax Specialist
Voter Registrations

Debby Daniels
Accounts Payable

The County Clerk’s office:

  1. Is the Chief Election Official
  2. Is the Budget Officer for the county
  3. Handles Voter Registration, and absentee ballots
  4. Processes Notary Public applications, and keeps file of notaries in the county
  5. Handles county payroll and accounts payable
  6. Takes minutes of the Board of Commissioners
  7. Compiles tax information for the Assessor, and for the Missouri state Tax Commission

Our office phone number is: 417-223-7530

Mon.-Fri; 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Our office is located at 502 Main Street Pineville, MO 64856, directly across from Pineville City Hall.